Painting Exibition of academic painter Branko Dinic at museum night

We invite you, with great pleasure, on the painting exibition of academic painter Branko Dinic that will be taken place at National museum Zajecar gallery at 19h on Saturday, May the20th.

Exibition named “Paintings” Branislav Dinic represents cycle from the last 6 years.

With the exibition National museum joins manifestation “Museum night”, unique cultural spectacle, when museums all over the world open their door to public.

An paintings exibition of academic painter Branko Dinic who has been creating for 6 decades was presented at museum night. Motives of beetle and larvae were presented in this cycle as Branko imagined them. An motive, appeared on the painting is just an apstraction, or association for Branko. Dense weaving, weaved of lines, shapes, colours, tones, rhytms, surfaces and their relationships is primary. The paintings are comprehensive, sound, coloristic rich and offer meaningfull and pleasant optical expirience that have to initiate couriosity.

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