The National Museum was founded in Zaječar, on 27th March 1951, as the City Museum, by the City People’s Committee of the Municipality of Zaječar. Its present name “National Museum” dates from 1961. The building in which the Museum is located was built in 1927, for the purposes of the Army Road Institute. Its total area of 750 m2 is inadequate for the needs of the Museum, its galleries, space for storing and keeping objects, as well as the office space for personnel.

The Museum is of a complex type and has departments of history, art history, archaeology and ethnology.

Branches of the National Museum are: Radul Bey’s Konak (part of the ethnological department’s exhibition and Gallery), Turkish Mill, Museum of Healthcare, Foundation “Nikola Pašić” (Memorial house Nikola Pašić and the Gallery) and archaeological site Felix Romuliana.

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