Emperor Galerius

Galerius, the Emperor and the God (293-311), was born around 250 AD in a village in the coastal Dacia, “not too far from Serdica”, where in his youth he kept cattle, causing him throughout his life followed the nickname Armentarius – Kelpie. The latest results of archaeological research beyond the ramparts the magnificent palace, which was built in the place of his birth and after his mother called Romuliana, prove that Galerius¬† birthplace was the great urban neighborhood, with lots of luxurious public and private buildings.

Galerius was a handsome, powerful man, a lover of good food and an extremely brave soldier, all his life devoted to his stepfather Diocletianus, founder of the Tetrarchy, strongly tied to the homeland, countrymen and relatives, especially for the mother of Romula, who was the sworn enemy of Christians. It is assumed that the mass killing of Christians by Diocletianus taken under the influence of Galerius, and the fourth and most rigorous Diocletianu’s Edict against the Christians, was passed 304 years, fully Galerius work. Less is known, however, that the Galerius, two years before the famous Constantine’s Edict of Milan of 313, 30 April 311 AD, issued in Nicomedia, is Edict which suspended the persecution of Christians.

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