Reception in episcopacy for Zajecar cultural institutions representatives


Becouse more succesfull cooperation between eparchy Timocka and cultural and education institutions in Zajecar, an unofficial  reception has taken part at eparchy palace. The guests of bishop Timocki, mr. Ilarion,  were managers of National museum in Zajecar, historical archives „Timocka Krajina“, parent library „Svetozar Markovic“, theatar of Timocka Krajina „Zoran Radmilovic“, center for tourism and culture, Zajecar high – school and Youth center „Zajecar initiative“ with their associates.


At the beginning of the meeting the bishop has welcomed participants and thanked for their time and good will that appeared in mutual cooperation and also for wish to advance depending possibilities of time and living conditions .


Basic topic of conversation was taking place of Cristian culture festival from to September in this year, that will be organized by eparchy Timocka and sponsored by Serbian Government Law  ministry Authority for cooperation  with churches and religion communities.


Also, it was announced that an cup auction will be taken part at church yard organized by Red Cross Zajecar at church holiday „Blagovesti“  on April the . The cups are decorated with Easter motives by children involved in inclusion program and comming  from poor families and users of kitchen for poor people. Also an audition for church children choir will taken place in Church Municipality Zajecar and for nessecity to organize active young children in church life. Also, there are requests of parents to otganize a church choir.


An common idea for common adjusment of dates and cultural programs organized by cultural and educational institutions with those organized by Timocka eparchy and church municipality Zajecar, with possibility of information publishing at cultural institutions Internet sites. The aim is to escape overlapping of events.


An conversation about more succesful was taken part to improve role of culture and spirituality, education and art in city life. In this way actual courses of carry of children and  youth education will be kept track of, and joining in various cultural, history and religion events too, as in larger cities.


An conclusion is that there are many chances for cooperation and making area of impoveing all cultural – spiritual events in zajecar, and for wellbieng of all citizens.

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